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A downloadable game for WindowsmacOS

Why did we ever decide to take this trip? Our map seemed to indicate that this way would be the shortcut but it has placed us out in the middle of nowhere. Jon said he was going to check out the mansion to see if anyone could help us, but what’s taking him so long?

Follow Timothy on his perilous journey through the pits of hell! Will he succumb to the darkness or make it out alive?

A stealth horror experience

Carefully plan your next move as bloodthirsty enemies roam the hallways, but don’t take too long, since you might just lose your mind doing so. Utilize your new found powers to escape your seemingly hopeless situation, and harness the power of the foes that hunt you for your own gain as you venture further into chaos.

Available Languages:

  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified) 


  • Stealth gameplay
  • Reactive AI
  • Metamorphosis Centered Puzzle Solving


This game contains disturbing imagery and intense situations.

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Morfosi_Windows_1.2.0.zip 57 MB
Morfosi_macOS_1.2.0.zip 59 MB
莫法西_Windows_1.2.0_中文.zip 59 MB
莫法西_macOS_1.2.0_中文.zip 61 MB

Development log


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I still didn't finish playing Morfosi but, I have a question. Will there be some video settings available for pc version, such as screen resolution, fullscreen/windowed version, some graphics settings etc. because the game is running slowly on my pc and it really affects the gameplay experience. Or I don't know, improve the FPS but that's more time consuming.

Otherwise, I can't wait to complete the game, and I love the artstyle!

Thank you for playing our game despite the problem you're experiencing! We will look into this issue for the next update.


This is a well made game, I love the story

Thank you so much for playing Morfosi and we're more than glad that you enjoyed the story!

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This game truly attracted me with several reasons:

1. Unmatchable graphic and stage design.

2. Great ambient music that matches the atmosphere.

3. Creative monster design.

4. Multiple platform support.

5. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

6. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

7. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

8. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

9. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

10. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

That's it.

Thank you so much for playing our game and we're very glad that you enjoy our character design!


Finally got around to uploading a recording of the 1.0.0 version.

I like the new monster that was added.

Thank you so much for keeping up with our game for so long! We're so glad that you enjoyed the overall game experience. It was great to see your impressions on the different stages of the game. We understand that we had troubles and bugs during the development, but thanks for seeing past those and believing in us!


Did the Beta release of Morfosi, I enjoyed the improvements over the Alpha release. I'm going to try out the 1.0 release to see what new stuff has been added.

Thank you so much for playing it again and staying up to date with the game! We're very glad that you enjoyed the improvements. Let us know what you think with the new 1.0.0 version!


The demo was a little short but I really liked the atmosphere and art style. The mechanic of transforming into your enemy is also pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing more from this game!

Thank you so much for giving Morfosi a try! We're very glad that you enjoyed it. We understand that the Beta/Alpha version is quite short. Have you gotten the chance to try out the newly released full version yet? Let us know what you think.

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Hi!!! I LOVE this!!!! And I honestly cannot wait for more. I would also love to see some more complex puzzles as we get into the game. I like that it eases you in smoothly, but I do love me some horror puzzles.

The bit about transforming is awesome and WOW I can't wait to learn more. I want to know what happened to Jon!!!!

PS-- This art style rocks my world. A++ to the artist of the character portraits!!!

Thank you so much for giving this game a try! We're very glad that you enjoyed it. We do plan on adding more puzzles in the future updates, so stay tuned for that! If you love the art style of the character portraits, you could consider checking out the artist's personal projects as well; they're @dino999z on itch.io. Thanks again for your gameplay and we really appreciate your feedback!

I'm totally going check them out--thanks! And I can't wait to see more of this game honestly. 


Woah! that was spooky! I love the atmosphere the game built and the monsters screaming made me jump a few times. Can't wait to see what's next.

Thank you so much! We are very glad that you enjoyed it!

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that was really fun! I like the premise of changing into your enemies to overcome obstacles. I hope you continue to update the game because It's such an intriguing to see what happens next!

Thank you so much for your support! We are very glad that you enjoyed this game and we will continue to make it better!


A fun little game, I wish it was a little longer since it's very well done even in this early state.

The only gripes I had were that the gameplay loop is relatively simple right now and that the creatures have a tendency to blindside you and pin you to the wall and furniture.

Really looking forward to seeing this one develops over time.


Thank you so much for your gameplay! We totally agree that the gameplay loop is quite simple right now, and we plan to add more enemies/levels/cutscenes in the future releases. We actually released a beta version of the game just now, and have addressed the issue of the player constantly getting pined to the wall by the monster with a few additions of new features. Thank you again for your feedback and we will continue to polish the game!

I just noticed that you uploaded a Beta version an hour ago, I'll have to give it a go and see what things have been changed. It's nice to see devs fixing issues this quickly.


Gave the game a comedic-gameplay attempt


Thank you so much for giving the game a try! We understand that there is not much to the game right now. We plan to add more enemies/levels/cutscenes and fix the bug reflected in the video for the next and future updates. Thanks again for your gameplay and we really appreciate the feedback!