Full version of Morfosi (1.0.0) now released!

We are very glad to announce that the full version of Morfosi (1.0.0) is now released!


  • Bug fixes
  • New enemy/available morph
  • More dialogue
  • Expansion of level
  • More environment decorations
  • Functionality to skip opening cutscenes
  • Addition of ending cutscenes
  • Addition of death animation
  • More sound effects
  • Improvement of enemy AI in behaviors
  • Improved saving system


This release features many new additions that we wanted in the game before considering it out of beta. Once again, a new enemy and morph was added to the line-up which introduced some more ways for the players to interact with the environment. With this new enemy, we of course had to expand on the level itself so look forward to some more content in this release! There’s also more to the storyline and we now have an ending cutscene for when the level is completed.

There were a lot more bugs that needed to be addressed including some softlocks, and thanks to the complete overhaul that we did last week with our codebase we were able to do those promptly. The saving system had a lot of things to be fixed in particular and so that should work much smoother than before as well.

As some final notes, we wanted to add some more sound effects to certain interactions in the game as well. This includes SFX for the save point, pickups, walking around, and others. We also realized that dying was pretty anticlimactic with the player just respawning right after losing all of their health so there's now a quick little animation for their untimely demise.


We are very happy with how Morfosi has turned out so far and hope you guys are too! In the future we are once again going to want to squash whatever bugs come up, along with some general smoothening of general gameplay features. Since we want to keep up the spooky atmosphere and we know that everyone’s monitor is different, we’ll be looking to add a darkness slider so that you can adjust it to a reasonable level for your playing pleasure.


Morfosi_macOS.zip 54 MB
Apr 13, 2020
Morfosi_Windows.zip 55 MB
Apr 13, 2020


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