Beta version of Morfosi now released!

The beta version of Morfosi is now released!


  • Bug fixes
  • Complete Engine Overhaul
  • New enemy/available morph
  • Adjustment of monster form’s ability
  • More dialogue
  • Addition of new opening cutscenes
  • Health/Sanity bar UI adjustments
  • Sanity drain refinement
  • More environment decorations
  • Enemy AI improvement in behaviors
  • Addition of checkpoints/continue feature
  • Addition of more sound effects
  • Level redesign
  • Under-the-hood code overhaul


At the end of our previous release, we had most of our core features in. Our work in this iteration fell in line with the goals that we had set in our previous dev blog post. We added a brand new enemy with some different pathing mechanics that the player can also transform into. The storyline in this version has also been vastly expanded upon through more dialogue and cutscenes. 

Through the feedback that we got from our alpha release many things were brought to our attention, namely bugs. This prompted a complete overhaul of some under-the-hood workings of the game that should hopefully decrease the frequency of bugs in general. Another thing that we took to heart was that many people were disappointed by the fact that after morphing, your new capabilities felt rather mundane. We tried to spice it up a bit while keeping the overall effect on the game the same in this iteration so we’re looking forward to what you guys think!

Finally, we added some quality of life improvements. The first thing to mention is the health and sanity bars. It was rather hard to see when there was any change, especially to sanity with how infrequently it changed in the darkness. We added a background to the bars and made any value modifications be reflected on the bars over time so that it's much more obvious that there was a change to either. A checkpoint system was also added so that you can save your game at designated points and reload that point when you die or through the main menu.


As with the previous iteration, we still feel that we would consider adding more game features. Anything new would include more bug fixes as we come across them, another enemy or two (maybe morphable, maybe not), and finally another level to expand on the story. Once again, we’re looking forward to your input and hope you enjoy!

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