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slowly crying because im bad at games :) love it so far tho

cool 2d game


why does Timothy look suspiciously like Dr Krueger and Vincent from your other games

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A reminder that this is UniDot Studio's page. Morfosi is a game by UniDot Studio and is thus a collaboration project. 

Please refrain from making inconsiderate jokes or leaving comments as if you are directly speaking to me to respect the involvement of other creators. Thanks a lot

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There are three endings? Interesting! 

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is there really more than one ending?

i adore this game!! 

wooah the lore for this game is awesome!! it took me ages and a walkthrough to get through this game, but that's my own frightened fault and it only made the ending more satisfying haha!

where do u find the walkthru? i cant see it on this page

i just watched someone play it on youtube :)

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oh ok, thanks


For some reason, I can't interact with things. I just started the game and it says "Click Z to interact with objects"(or something similar-) and click Z, but nothing happens. I am really excited to play this game, but I can't if this doesn't work. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it the game?

it did the same thing with my keyboard, just press W


this was really fun to play! it wasn't too hard or too easy, the gameplay was great! i played with a controller too and that made it all the better. great job as always!


i havent played this yet but oohoohoohoo i like the style very much!!

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I liked it!

wonder what sort of applications the concept could have

and I would've liked to see more of the character's progression as he gain powers and became more like the god

left me wanting for more haha


The whole concept is truly fascinating. The story is amazing and I love the fact that it's short, but feels full and completed. Overall, I highly recommend giving it a shot


excuse me so i want to play all your games chronologically because it seems they seem to share the same universe so what order should i play in chronologically

I think it's Vincent: The Secret Of Myers first, then Therapy With Dr Albert Krueger. I don't know bout this game tho. I'm not even sure they're in the same universe :'>. Good luck


VTSOM and TWDAK are in the same universe (Vincent and Victor went to RMU with Albert, and Vincent and Albert were arch-enemies), but there isn't anything that connects Morfosi with those two.

Great stuff as usual.


This is a great game! I love the art, music, mechanics, and overall story. ~ I thought I had the story sussed out at the beginning but that just left the actual story to blow my mind and I loved it. Awesome job devs <3

I also did a let's play on it. ~


This was so much fun! I loved the different monsters and game mechanics!


Hello, I love your games <3 they are wonderful, beautiful and the story is wonderful. Plus my doubt and if there will be other available languages for your games.


Is there a way to stop the text scrolling?
I got a vertigo attack from the opening scene and was trying to stop the scrolling text as it was making it worse but it just shut off the game @_@ 
How do I go into settings and is that possible to tweak?


A great game to bust the alter ego out to! I had a lot of fun with it even with my "I'm not a epic gamer therefore not great at games" moments. Many kudos for making such a fun game!! 


Despite being terrified of spooky games or chase scenes, I'm absolutely thrilled (in a good and AHHH way) by this game! I haven't completed it yet (too spooked), but I definitely want to try and make it to the end. Your guys' games are one of the only scary games I actually want to complete. Despite my long history of being terrified by most things, I can't help wanting to play more and more of this story. It's so good and the art is so beautiful! I haven't beat it yet! But hopefully I'll be able to soon..!


Hi! I'm reasercher working for publishing company. I can't contact You through twitter :< If You are interested in publishing Your game on nintendo switch  please contact me via mail


This was super cool! I liked the different creatures abilities and the story was pretty interesting

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The game is really well made, loved the story!

Thanks so much! We're glad we could provide a thrilling story.


Hi, this game looks really interesting, but I am having difficultly downloading the file...

Hi, thanks so much for your interest! We're sorry you're having problems. Were you having trouble running the file on your computer or would the download not complete?

I have trouble downloading the file at all! I got it in the bundle.

Hi! If that's the case, you should contact the support instead. 


Hmm... were you trying to download it using the Launcher application? As far as I know, for games to be downloadable with the launcher, the developer needs to tell what operating system each downloadable file is compatible with. Since I don't see a little Windows symbol on the game's page next to the file size of "", it doesn't seem like UniDot has done that yet, so it will need to be downloaded manually from a browser.


Fun little game, neat mechanic, tight short story and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. I wish that maybe there was a final section that tied the mechanics of all 3 forms together, as the phantom was really neat.

We're glad you enjoyed your experience and thanks for sharing!


Done playing and it's been such a great lil' adventure even the puzzles aren't that annoying for me, story especially really interesting with a bit plot twist there. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing Morfosi and we're so glad you enjoyed the experience!


how do i scape jumpscare monster? the one who appears when everything gets dark, seriously i dont know!

Hi there! The best strategy is to hide in a chest the moment he appears, and wait until he goes away. You need to utilize the portals to find two keys to unlock the doors. You're very close to the end of the game, don't give up!


This was honestly such an engaging experience! The art style was lovely and the story and atmosphere were amazing! keep it up!!

Thank you! We're very glad that you enjoyed Morfosi!


So I'm checking this game against Vincent: The Seceret of Myers (long-lost brothers, I swear), and scrolling the images above, not just Timothy but also Jon?! As risk of self, what a coinkidink! Gonna hafta to play on that happenstance alone~


We had the honor of having the creator of Vincent: The Secret of Myers helping us out on the art & programming; that's why the art style looks very similar. And thank you for being willing to give Morfosi a try!

While I have you (well, nearly two weeks after I had you), this game doesn't show any files available via the desktop app; can it be made compatible, for ease of consolidation?


I love this game! Just finished it, it was a great story too.  I love the character design and easy controls.  Very nice!

Thank you so much for giving Morfosi a try! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for playing our game despite the problem you're experiencing! We will look into this issue for the next update.


This is a well made game, I love the story

Thank you so much for playing Morfosi and we're more than glad that you enjoyed the story!

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This game truly attracted me with several reasons:

1. Unmatchable graphic and stage design.

2. Great ambient music that matches the atmosphere.

3. Creative monster design.

4. Multiple platform support.

5. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

6. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

7. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

8. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

9. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

10. I'm falling in love with Morfosi.

That's it.


Thank you so much for playing our game and we're very glad that you enjoy our character design!

so trueeee


Finally got around to uploading a recording of the 1.0.0 version.

I like the new monster that was added.

Thank you so much for keeping up with our game for so long! We're so glad that you enjoyed the overall game experience. It was great to see your impressions on the different stages of the game. We understand that we had troubles and bugs during the development, but thanks for seeing past those and believing in us!


Did the Beta release of Morfosi, I enjoyed the improvements over the Alpha release. I'm going to try out the 1.0 release to see what new stuff has been added.

Thank you so much for playing it again and staying up to date with the game! We're very glad that you enjoyed the improvements. Let us know what you think with the new 1.0.0 version!


The demo was a little short but I really liked the atmosphere and art style. The mechanic of transforming into your enemy is also pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing more from this game!

Thank you so much for giving Morfosi a try! We're very glad that you enjoyed it. We understand that the Beta/Alpha version is quite short. Have you gotten the chance to try out the newly released full version yet? Let us know what you think.

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Hi!!! I LOVE this!!!! And I honestly cannot wait for more. I would also love to see some more complex puzzles as we get into the game. I like that it eases you in smoothly, but I do love me some horror puzzles.

The bit about transforming is awesome and WOW I can't wait to learn more. I want to know what happened to Jon!!!!

PS-- This art style rocks my world. A++ to the artist of the character portraits!!!

Thank you so much for giving this game a try! We're very glad that you enjoyed it. We do plan on adding more puzzles in the future updates, so stay tuned for that! If you love the art style of the character portraits, you could consider checking out the artist's personal projects as well; they're @dino999z on Thanks again for your gameplay and we really appreciate your feedback!

I'm totally going check them out--thanks! And I can't wait to see more of this game honestly. 


Woah! that was spooky! I love the atmosphere the game built and the monsters screaming made me jump a few times. Can't wait to see what's next.

Thank you so much! We are very glad that you enjoyed it!

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that was really fun! I like the premise of changing into your enemies to overcome obstacles. I hope you continue to update the game because It's such an intriguing to see what happens next!


Thank you so much for your support! We are very glad that you enjoyed this game and we will continue to make it better!


A fun little game, I wish it was a little longer since it's very well done even in this early state.

The only gripes I had were that the gameplay loop is relatively simple right now and that the creatures have a tendency to blindside you and pin you to the wall and furniture.

Really looking forward to seeing this one develops over time.


Thank you so much for your gameplay! We totally agree that the gameplay loop is quite simple right now, and we plan to add more enemies/levels/cutscenes in the future releases. We actually released a beta version of the game just now, and have addressed the issue of the player constantly getting pined to the wall by the monster with a few additions of new features. Thank you again for your feedback and we will continue to polish the game!

I just noticed that you uploaded a Beta version an hour ago, I'll have to give it a go and see what things have been changed. It's nice to see devs fixing issues this quickly.


Gave the game a comedic-gameplay attempt


Thank you so much for giving the game a try! We understand that there is not much to the game right now. We plan to add more enemies/levels/cutscenes and fix the bug reflected in the video for the next and future updates. Thanks again for your gameplay and we really appreciate the feedback!

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